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To begin at the beginning…


I’m not sure if it is the number of food blogs I have been reading lately or going to see Julie and Julia when Bara and Jen came to visit, but I think maybe a food blog could be a good way to go for me.

I have spent this entire summer cooking up a storm. And reading, movie-watching, and exercising. But mostly cooking. And exploring farmers markets and grocery stores in Cincinnati. Now it’s time to document these culinary adventures.

I’ll just start with today though.

After dropping Jonny at the JCC, mami, Sambucca, and I headed to the Hyde Park Farmers Market. It’s an incredible market. Not only is it friendly and bustling with people and incredible produce, but so far I have run into someone I know there each visit. And Sammy is always a star attraction–two weeks ago, he helped a little girl overcome her fear of dogs!

Unfortunately, today did not bring what I had expected: my peach lady AND the man who sells lettuce and ground cherries weren’t there! I wasn’t planning on buying lettuce today, but I was hoping to get some ground cherries in order to make jelly or a new favorite that I played with earlier in the summer after my first trip to this particular market: Ground Cherry Cupcake Pies*. But the real tragedy hear was the absence of the peach lady. Though ridiculously over-priced, I have never eaten better peaches in my life. And she has not sold me a single bad peach. They may not be the prettiest, but, basically, I am addicted. 

Can-Du Farm at Hyde Park Farmers Market

Once I recovered from the absence of my two favorite vendors, we shifted our attention to other old favorites (like baby eggplants and heirloom tomatoes). Rainbow chard had been popping up around me so I compulsively purchased a bunch, in addition to some sweet corn and blackberries.

By the time we got home, I had to just sit for a while, even though I was getting hungry–it’s just so bloody hot out. But I used the time productively and found myself the perfect recipe for my lunch: Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with Wok Steamed Collard Greens and Quinoa, mine just involved rainbow chard instead of collard greens. I also had to use silken tofu, as opposed to the usual extra firm I prefer. I will never understand why Nikki prefers to eat mush than some nicely formed cubes of golden tofu. Either way, it was quite tasty. I think I would have liked a little more spice to it, but the lime cut through the strong flavor of the chard really nicely and the various textures and flavors were fun.

Farm fresh dinner tonight: heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad, protein pasta with baby eggplant, garlic, pine nut, and heirloom tomato sauce, black berries for dessert? Who said a good meal had to have green in it?


*When I made these pies, I accidently had two recipes open and ended up mixing the two. As it turns out, I liked the topping from one better than the one linked above–it’s more of a crumb top as opposed to a pastry top, giving more of a spotlight to the fruit. Since it’s so small, the pastry-topped ones just tasted like pastry (which of course, is delicious and why we eat pie in the first place, but still).

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  1. Errol permalink
    06/29/2010 2:20 AM

    I made myself a cutney/relish out of capegooseberries….. refer
    I have posted my recipe here, for both the Capegooseberry, and the Tomatillo

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